Fried eggs with oregano and olives

Fried eggs with oregano and olives

Avga matia me rigani ke elies
Title in Greek: 
Αβγά μάτια με ρίγανη και ελιές
Recipes Categories: 
Fried eggs with oregano and olives
Preparation Time: 
10 minutes

6 eggs
1/2 kilo (1 lb 2 oz) tomatoes, peeled & sliced
200 grams (7 oz) salami 
10 black olives 
200 grams (7 oz) kasseri or cheddar cheese 
1 teacup olive or refined oil 

Cooking Time: 
about 15 minutes
Cooking Directions: 

- Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the salami, cut into pieces and remove it from the frying pan, once it is half cooked.
-  Peel the tomatoes. Slice them and put them into the frying pan for a few minutes. 
- Having sliced the cheese, break the eggs, one by one, over the tomato slices. 
- Place the salami, the cheese and the olives (washed and halved) between the eggs. 
- Sprinkle with oregano, salt and pepper. Serve hot. 

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