Lamb on the spit

Lamb on the spit

Arni sti souvla
Title in Greek: 
Αρνί στη σούβλα
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Lamb on the spit
Preparation Time: 

1 lamb (20-25lbs)
5 tablespoons thyme
5 tablespoons rosemary
5 tablespoons oregano
Olive oil

Cooking Time: 
Cooking Directions: 

- Remove the entrails from the lamb, leaving the kidneys.
- Wash both inside and out and leave to dry.
- Brush the inside with 3 spoons of herbs mixed with salt and pepper.
- Place the lamb on the roasting spit, running it from behind, through the head.
- Make sure the lamb is stretched out tightly and that its back does not form a hump.
- Tie the backbone to the spit with pieces of wire at regular intervals.
- Tie the neck in the same way.
- Sew the stomach up with string.
- Push the legs under the roasting spit secure the ankle bones together and tie them tightly onto the spit.
- In a bowl place the oil, remaining herbs, salt and pepper and lemon juice and mix together well.
- Carefully brush the lamb all over, preferably using a bunch of fresh rosemary.
- When the coals are hot enough, place the lamb on the highest notch of the spit and turn it quickly.
- After approx. one hour lower the lamb and turn it slowly.
- When the skin on the legs begins to split, lower the lamb even more and turn it even slower.
-  It will take about 3 to 4 hours for the lamb to roast, according to the size of the lamb and the heat given out by the coals.

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