Piquant pasta

Piquant pasta

Makaronia pikantika
Title in Greek: 
Μακαρόνια πικάντικα
Recipes Categories: 
Piquant pasta
Preparation Time: 
15 minutes

1lb thick pasta
Half lb village sausages
3oz hard cheese
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 green pepper
4 tomatoes
3 eggs
Half cup butter
4 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
Half cup heavy cream

Cooking Time: 
45 minutes
Cooking Directions: 

- Sauté the onions, garlic and pepper in half the butter.
- Remove the skin from the sausages, mash with a fork and then sauté.
- Stir for five minutes and add the mashed tomatoes, salt and pepper.
- Leave the sauce to simmer until it thickens.
- In the meantime, make the béchamel sauce by melting the remaining butter in a saucepan.
- Add the flour and stir continuously.
- Pour in the milk and when the sauce thickens, lower the heat and add the beaten eggs, a teaspoon of grated nutmeg and salt and pepper.
- Add the cream at the end of the cooking time and stir well.
- Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water.
- When it is ready, add cold water and drain.
- Mix the pasta with the sauce and half the béchamel and pour into a baking dish.
- Pour the remaining béchamel over the top, sprinkle with the grated cheese and bake in the oven at 350oF for half an hour, until golden.

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