Stew broccoli

Stew broccoli

Brokolo yaxni
Title in Greek: 
Μπρόκολο γιαχνί
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Stew broccoli
Preparation Time: 

1 ½  kilos (3 lbs 6 oz) broccoli
2-3 carrots
4-5 cloves garlic
4-5 ripe tomatoes, finely chopped
1 teacup olive oil

Cooking Time: 
Cooking Directions: 

- Clean and wash the broccoli, cut it into small pieces and drain.
- Heat half the oil in a pot and saute the garlic. Place the broccoli pieces in the pot (upright), add salt and pep¬per, the carrots (cut into round slices), the finely chopped tomatoes, the remaining oil and the re¬quired amount of water. 
- Cover the pot, lower the fire and simmer, until all the wa¬ter is gone and the broccoli is left in its sauce. 
- Serve hot.

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