Turtle doves in wine sauce

Turtle doves in wine sauce

Trygonia krassata
Title in Greek: 
Τρυγόνια κρασάτα
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Turtle doves in wine sauce
Preparation Time: 

8 turtledoves
Half kilo (1 lb 2 oz) tomatoes, finely diced
1 teacup white wine
1 teacup olive oil
Cinnamon stick

Cooking Time: 
Cooking Directions: 

- Clean the turtledoves well, wash and drain them. Season them with salt and pepper and coat them with oil. 
- Put the seasoned birds in the refrigerator for two hours.
- Heat the remaining oil in a pot and, when it is scald¬ing hot, saute the turtledoves in it. Pour in the wine and cover the pot. 
- Next, add the cinnamon and the allspice and 2 glass¬es warm water. When the birds are half done, add the tomatoes and cook, until most liquids are absorbed and the birds are left with only a small amount of tasty sauce. 
Serve hot with fried potatoes or pilaf.

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